Bozeman Design

Kristi Bozeman is an Art Director and Multidisciplinary Designer currently living in Atlanta.


My name is Kristi Bozeman and creativity is my first language. My passion lies within pushing the envelope in design physically and digitally while being efficient and having the best craftsmanship possible. 

While still trying to find the best combination of craft beer, queso, good typography and sunshine in my native hometown of Atlanta, I strive to maintain a balance between functionality and visual impact in all of my work.

If I am not deciding between vectors and pixels, you can find me singing and dancing curiously off beat, crafting or photographing, and spending time with friends and family(+dog) while I plan my next travel adventure.



design & layout • logo design • illustration • 
creative direction • 
creative management • 
print production • UX design • social media • card makin'  •  rapid prototyping  •  to do lists